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From:tony Date:March 23 1999 12:50pm
Subject:How far into month?
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I want to do a query that sums up figures for the month to date, and
(assuming straight continuation) calculates an estimate for the entire

Now, my current thinking is that this implies getting 
  UNIX_TIMESTAMP(), UNIX_TIMESTAMP(start_of_this_month),

and then calculating

   start_next_month - start_this_month
   -----------------------------------   x  current figure
                now - start_this_month

So far so good ...

However, to calculate the time_stamp of the start of this month / next
month is proving tricky. The UNIX_TIMESTAMP function doesn't seem to like
being passed a CONCAT(), so all my fancy trickery with MONTH(now()) + 1 etc  
is to no avail... 

I _could_ do all this outside the database queries in advance using
Perl, but that seems a little clumsy - unless someone knows of some nice
perl function already in existence that calculates % of way into month.

If there any way to do this in MySQL, or will I have to write / source
a perl function that does this calculation for me?

Or, is there a much simpler method that I'm missing!?


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How far into month?tony23 Mar
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