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From:Terrence W. Zellers Date:July 24 1999 5:39am
Subject:MySQL and big players. was Re: Fw: Issue of shutting down MySQL
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> Amyn Pirani wrote:
> > 
> > Hi !
> >  My name is Amyn Pirani work as an consultant for IBM. I have the following
> > question regarding mySQL.
> > 
> Hey, IBM is also playing with MySQL, or it looks like they are doing
> something serious with it :-)

     My weblogs indicate that a LOT of big name companies have people who
are at least well aware of MySQL (i. e. they've dl'd my driver).  Now
quite likely in most cases it's individual progr's "playing".  But the 
number of repeat dl's indicate that in a lot of those cases that interest
is ongoing, but whether it's being used for production I can't tell.

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