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From:Dan Nelson Date:August 16 2001 8:30pm
Subject:Re: -fno-exceptions and BSDI 4.0.1/gcc
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In the last episode (Aug 16), Tuc said:
> 	Having an issue trying to get the latest MYSQLs to compile on
> BSDI 4.0.1, with the default GCC compiler.  It appears there
> is an "-fno-exceptions" in the Makefile, that the version of GCC that
> ships with BSDI 4.0.1 doesn't grok.  We are only building clients for
> 8 4.0.1 systems, and the server will be on Solaris 2.7 and BSDI 4.2 .

I don't think 2.7.2 supported execptions at all, so you're safe to
remove it.  You might want to upgrade to a newer gcc in any case,
though. was released in, what, 1996?

	Dan Nelson
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