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From:Sasha Pachev Date:July 23 1999 9:43pm
Subject:Re: Helpless Newbie can't get MySQL to print on paper
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"D.K. Walsh" wrote:
> Hi List,
>  I'm a helpless newbie, new to the MySQL world, trying to learn.  I have
>  set up MySQL version 3.22.22 on a RH Linux 6.0 machine.  I have
>  downloaded and read the 450 page MySQL manual and can't find anything
>  about printing out ANYTHING.  I have created a *test* database with 14
>  tables and would like to print out a table listing, on paper, to see
> all of my columns, datatypes, etc.
>  The *help* section shows a print command but when I try to use the
> *print* or (\p) command nothing
>  happens.  Do I need to have certain permissions set in order to be able
>  to print stuff out on paper?  I'm sure the answer is so obvious that
> the authors never figured anybody would have this problem,
> so I am somewhat embarrased to ask.
> However, I am stumped.  Please help if you can.
>  D.K. Walsh

As was previously suggested,

mysql -u<you> -p<your_password> -e "describe <table_name>"
<database_name> | lpr

will do the job ( make sure to replace the stuff in <> with the
appropriate values)

I personally prefer to look at the screen, though - you can search,
scroll, send stuff to a pipe, copy and paste between windows - the only
time I print is when someone asks me to or if I'll need the info when I
am away from a computer, which does not happen very often ( if I'm away
from the computer, I rarely need the kind of info that I cannot

Now this give me an excuse to ask a question: is it true that with the
increase of programming/sysadmin/hacking skill your reliance on paper
decreases, or in another words, does the amount of computer experience
have a correlation with how much stuff you print? Or is it just a
personal matter?

Sasha Pachev (home) (work)
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