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From:Sasha Pachev Date:July 23 1999 9:28pm
Subject:Re: Dumping MySQL to Access97
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nathan feger wrote:
> hi all,
> Is there a way to dump or export MySQL data to Access97 friendly
> format?
> I don't think comma separated values will be accurate enough for some of
> my clients.  I thought I saw a perl script somewhere that did it but to
> my knowledge I don't remember where.  Perhaps there are specs on the
> file format and I could just manually create the access file?
> thanks,
> Nathan
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> Nathan Feger                    e-mail:nathan@stripped
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>          phone: 877.pentrel

Not sure what kind of format you are looking for exactly, but one
wonderful thing about Perl is that in something close to 10 lines of
code you could export your data almost to any thinkable format. If you
do not know Perl already, this problem will be a good place to start
learning. If you run into problems, feel free to post.

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