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From:Sasha Pachev Date:July 23 1999 9:03pm
Subject:Re: Fw: Issue of shutting down MySQL
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Amyn Pirani wrote:
> Hi !
>  My name is Amyn Pirani work as an consultant for IBM. I have the following
> question regarding mySQL.

Hey, IBM is also playing with MySQL, or it looks like they are doing
something serious with it :-)

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> From: Ed Hobbs <ehobbs@stripped>
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> Date: Thursday, July 22, 1999 11:58 AM
> Subject: Issue of shutting down MySQL
> >Amyn --
> >
> >Here is a description of the outstanding issue with the MySQL database:
> >
> >While the TechConnect system is in operation, a deamon must be running
> >to provide access to the MySQL database.  In order to preserve any
> >changes made to the database, the MySQL daemon must be shut down in an
> >orderly manner once the TechConnect session is finished.  This is done
> >by running a program called "mysqladmin" and passing it a parameter of
> >"shutdown".  If the deamon is terminated in any other way, some of the
> >data could be lost.
> >
> >To ensure database integrity, we need a method of determining when the
> >TechConnect session is complete, so we can run the mysqladmin program
> >and shut down the database.
> >

Sounds like it is a TechConnect issue. Not sure what it does, exactly,
but a typical way to check if a process is running is ps | grep
<process_name> , or if it is written with the idea that other
applications would care to know if it is running, it might leave a lock
file. Check the TechConnect documentation to be sure.

> >-- Ed
> >
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