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From:Christian Stocker Date:March 23 1999 8:00am
Subject:umlaute and "caseinsensitive" search.
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is there any function or whatever in mysql that umlauts (öüä etc..) are
treated like letters without an umlaut, so means ä=a ü=e è=e (not an
i know)

actually, we do this a the moment the following way:

if someone searches for zurich
we're translating that to (within PHP)


to get an case insensititiv search with the possibility to write zurich or
is there an easier way to achieve that? 

(oh yeah, the correct code for the above example is even

furthermore we even translate the üäö to ue,ae,oe, because in german this
allowd, then our searchstring looks like this


but that's certainly beyond the scope of mysql, and i have to do that with
PHP, i think
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umlaute and "caseinsensitive" search.Christian Stocker23 Mar
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