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From:Vivek Khera Date:July 23 1999 2:35pm
Subject:Re: Moving data to another partition
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>>>>> "MS" == Markus Senoner <markus@stripped> writes:

MS> I installed MySQL-RPM on a RedHat 5.2 Server, and figured out,
MS> that the partition /var for the data is too small.
MS> Now I need to move the data to /usr.
MS> How can I do this, without reinstalling everything and by preserving
MS> the data already present in the tables?

Shut down mysqld.  Move the directory in question, then make a
symbolic link to it at its old location.  Restart mysqld.

MS> Why does the RPM version put the data in /var/lib ?!?

Because /var is where you put private, per-machine data.  Your /usr
should be "read-only" for normal use.
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