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From:Aldrian Gintingsuka Date:July 23 1999 9:50am
Subject:Re: Two bug fixes to 3.23.1-alpha
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Thanks Jani, for the patches. Now I can start testing my apps again in

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On Fri, 23 Jul 1999, Jani Tolonen wrote:

janikt> Here are two bug fixes for the newest version of MySQL: For some
janikt> reason my xemacs is not willing to let me include anything in a mail
janikt> as a file at the moment, so I'll have to paste the bug fixes in this
janikt> mail...
janikt> First patch is for This fixes the problem
janikt> with MySQL when it wasn't able to show any tables in a
janikt> database in any case.
janikt> --------------------------------------------------------------------
janikt> Second patch is for This fixes the problem
janikt> with order by used with limit.
janikt> --------------------------------------------------------------------

Two bug fixes to 3.23.1-alphaJani Tolonen23 Jul
  • Re: Two bug fixes to 3.23.1-alphaAldrian Gintingsuka23 Jul