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From:Doug Salot Date:March 23 1999 12:29am
Subject:Re: MySQL dying
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On 21 Mar 1999, Blaine Grady wrote:

> A couple of days ago my mysqld had restarted and then aborted.  It can't
> restart because it says something else is using its port.  I did not get
> the chance to telnet to the port at that time to see what was running. 
> My questions are why is mysqld being restarted and why would the port be
> taken?  Could it be my kernel is not properly clearing the port after
> mysqld aborts?  How can I manually clear this port, so I can start
> mysqld?

It's possible that the "master thread" died and left some worker threads
hanging around that still have the port open.  Use ps to determine if
there are still mysqld's running, and kill them if so.

Of course, MySQL should never end up in this state, so if you see this,
report it as a bug.  It probably wouldn't hurt to upgrade to the latest
version first.

-- Doug

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