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From:Gerald R. Jensen Date:August 5 2001 6:02pm
Subject:Re: Statement
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Sara ...

Not sure what you're looking for, but I would put MYSQL\BIN in the DOS path


There are a number of command-line optiosn with COMMAND.COM, but I'm not
sure how any might relate to MySQL ...

COMMAND [[drive:]path] [device] [/E:nnnnn] [/L:nnnn] [/U:nnn] [/P] [/MSG]
                       [/LOW] [/Y [/[C|K] command]]
  [drive:]path    Specifies the directory containing COMMAND.COM.
  device          Specifies the device to use for command input and output.
  /E:nnnnn        Sets the initial environment size to nnnnn bytes.
                  (nnnnn should be between 256 and 32,768).
  /L:nnnn         Specifies internal buffers length (requires /P as well).
                  (nnnn should be between 128 and 1,024).
  /U:nnn          Specifies the input buffer length (requires /P as well).
                  (nnn should be between 128 and 255).
  /P              Makes the new Command Interpreter permanent (can't exit).
  /MSG            Stores all error messages in memory (requires /P as well).
  /LOW            Forces COMMAND to keep its resident data in low memory.
  /Y              Steps through the batch program specified by /C or /K.
  /C command      Executes the specified command and returns.
  /K command      Executes the specified command and continues running.

Gerald Jensen

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A few weeks back someone was kind enough to mail me the settings to change
the statement so that I didn't have to work out of the
/mysql/bin directory.

I have since had a fatal pc crash, and have managed to lost the email, and
the hard copy.

If anyone would be so kind as to set it out again, I would be very
grateful - dos statements etc are a bit before my time in computing!

Many thanks in anticipation


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