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From:Paul DuBois Date:July 22 1999 5:34pm
Subject:Re: Need some help with stability.
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At 9:47 AM -0500 7/22/99, wrote:
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>Is it possible that a change from a users who is NOT ROOT, of the 
>users-Table forces MySQL to crash (or even can force it to crash), 
>so that the whole System needs to be reinstalled?
>Our ISP wants a $300 fee because we changed the permissions in the 
>users table (we changed only the permissions for our username!) and 
>because of our changes the system is crashed an they needed to 
>reinstall it...... they say...
>We do not believe this. We think that somebody else crashed MySQL 
>and they cheat us....
>Can they proove that the MySQL-System crashed because of our changes?
>Some advice from a developer of  MySQL or a Sysadmin who is very 
>experienced with it would be very helpful.....

What is their proof for their claim, by the way?  How do they establish that
is was something you did?

It sounds like they have a very poor security setup, if normal users 
have permissions
to modify the mysql database tables.

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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