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From:Martin Edelius Date:July 22 1999 12:36pm
Subject:SV: Sub-select
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Hmmm.. The latest version of MySQL is (afaik) 3.23-alpha as of now.
Check out where you'll find it.
Be forewarned though, this is an alpha and as the site says "this
version is in heavy development and may have bugs in the new features
introduced in this version. It may also change in incompatible ways
between versions. It does however pass our standard test suits so it
should not be completely broken :)"

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>I have a question about sub-select. I have read it in the tutorials but
>it is version 4.32 and the available version of mysql is 3.23 alpha.
>Where can one get a freeware 4.32 version of mysql. It is mentioned in
>the documentation that mysql 3.23 do not support sub-select. How can I
>go around with this problem? I need sub-select for my thesis. Please
>Please check ""
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