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From:Dan Nelson Date:July 26 2001 9:35pm
Subject:Re: The old interfering with the young
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In the last episode (Jul 27), Anatole said:
> I had some pre-installed version of MySQL on a Linux machine that I
> didn't want to use or know how to dispose of properly and then
> installed a source distribution on the same machine. I've gotten the
> source distribution installed all right and everything seems to be
> working smoothly enough, however, I have a lot of defunct mysql files
> laying around my server that I would like to get rid of (from the
> pre-installed distribution). Additionally, I have to type the
> complete path to the new MySQL server, or it will try to connect with
> the previously installed version. Anyone know how I can get rid of
> the old files and fix my environment so that my new MySQL
> distribution is called when I enter "mysql", "mysqladmin", and the
> like on the command line?

If it was an RPM install, it might have installed into /usr/bin instead
of /usr/local/bin.  You should be able to remove it with the rpm
command.  run "rpm -qa | grep mysql" to list the rpms, and run rpm -e
on each one.

Otherwise, just remove the old mysql binaries from /usr/bin.

	Dan Nelson
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