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From:Jay J Date:July 22 1999 7:33am
Subject:Re: need some help about MySQL installation and connection through java
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Did you run the supplied 'mysql_install_db' script?
Does user 'guest' even exist?
Are you able to connect using from the command line?

I'm unfamiliar, and can't verify the syntax of the jdbc connection.

I've created users and granted access maybe a dozen times, and without fail
I've consulted: every time.

The portion on granting 'Fred' access from "%" should apply to your

-Jay J

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From: Samuel Noullier <samuel@stripped>
To: <mysql@stripped>
Sent: Thursday, July 22, 1999 1:56 AM
Subject: need some help about MySQL installation and connection through java

> Samuel Noullier wrote:
>   Hi everybody
>   I introduce myself, My name is Samuel Noullier, I'm a student who
> actually develop a Java Program.
>   I want to use MySQL as a Database (of course).
>   But I have some problems with it.
>   I just  want to create some table in two databases. I would like that
> all the people from all the host can log at this
>   database.
>   Of course I use the driver include in JDK-1.1.6, there is no problem
> with it.
>   Only  when I want to log at the MySQL server with this command
>   String url = jdbc:mysql://;
>   String userName = guest;
>   String passWord = ""; ://No password
>   con = (Connection) DriverManager.getConnection(url, userName,
> passWord);
>   As you can see, the MySQL daemon runs on the machine. I
> would like to use the port number 3306
>   for the communication.
>   So My question is very simple, but I try to install this the last 3
> days without succes.
>   I would like that all the user with the userName : guest, could
> connect to this MySQl database from any host
>   without password. The aim is to consult some tables in two directories
> ("mao" and "loc"). The users could write
>   and read in these tables. I have so many problems with the access.
>   Someone could explain me step by step the actions to install the MySQL
> daemon (maybe my installation is
>   wrong),
>   and to allow these specifics users ("guest") to connect from anywhere
> without password.
>   I'm not an idle, no I have readed a lot things about mysql
> installation, jdbc....But now I'm lost with the database
>   mysql and the tables user, db....
>   Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!
>   Thanks guys
> I'm really sorry guys.
> After two hours to read all the messages in the mailing list, I think I
> have to put more information about my system
> Linux RedHat 5.2
> mysql-3.22.22-pc-linux-gnu-i686
> I don't remember the version of the driver, but I think it works:
> org/gjt/mm/mysql
> Maybe I have to put the error text:
> [Wed Jul 21 22:07:14 EDT 1999] Starting LocationServerSQL
> LocDBSQL constr: running
> [Wed Jul 21 22:07:14 EDT 1999] ExpiryCheck: comming up
> [Wed Jul 21 22:07:14 EDT 1999] Listener   : up and runnnig...
> [Wed Jul 21 22:07:14 EDT 1999] Listener   : waiting for request
> [Wed Jul 21 22:07:44 EDT 1999] ExpiryCheck: checking database for
> expired entries
> LocSQLHandler constr 1: running
> Config constr: new handler for config
> FileHandler constr 1: pref_loc, pref_loc/config exist
> LocSQLHandler constr: user, passwd is guest,
> LocSQLHandler constr: db is,loc,3306
> LocSQLHandler send: running with query: select * from registered where
> ttl<now();
> Before Connection
> LocSQLHandler connect at:       jdbc:mysql://
> LocSQLHandler connect username: guest
> LocSQLHandler connect password:
> ==> SQLException:
> ErrorCode: java.sql.SQLException: General Error: 58
> Message (send):   General Error: 58
> SQLState:  null
> ErrorCode: 0
> ErrorCode: java.sql.SQLException: General Error: 58
> java.lang.NullPointerException:
>         at LocDBSQL.getExpired(
>         at
> The bold text is only some System.out.println to catch the location of
> the error.
> So as I say in my first mail, the problem is with the connection
> con = (Connection) DriverManager.getConnection(url, userName, passWord);
> And I think this error comes because my MySQL daemon is not installed as
> I need.
> I hope that someone could help me, just to allows all the "guest"
> username to connect from any hostName to the
> MySQL daemon and to read some tables in MY database. I know that is
> really unsecure, but actually doesn't
> matter, I only looking for a solution to run my application, what I put
> inside is not important on the point of view
> security.
> If someone has a solution, could he explain really carrefully, with some
> example if possible.
> Have good day guys.
> --
>                           Shammy the Search Bis
>                       University of New South Wales

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