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From:Dodger Date:July 25 2001 12:52pm
Subject:Re: Sorting w/ leading articles ignored
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In PHP specifically, no clue.

Using Perl, something like so (and this assumes a 1:1 mapping on

my $get_art_list = $sql->prepare(<<"eosql");
SELECT title, id
  FROM table

my %articles;
while (my $art = $get_art_list->fetchrow_hashref) {
    $articles{$art->{'title'}} = $articles->{$art->{'id'};}

my @ordered = map {$articles{$_}} sort map
{/^((a)|(an)|(the))\s+(.*)/?$3:$_} keys %articles;

# you now have @ordered, which has key ids in order the way you want them.

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Subject: Sorting w/ leading articles ignored

> Can this be done?  What I want is to generate a list of journal sorted by
> the titles, ignoring the leading articles (the, a, an, etc.).  If there is
> no SQL statement for this, How could I do this w/ DBI or PHP?  I am using
> mysql 3.23.40 on  Solaris 7. Thanks for any advise.
> Bin
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