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From:BAUMEISTER Alexandre Date:July 19 2001 4:36pm
Subject:Re[2]: Inno DB question
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HT> I have a question about using InnoDB format of tables with MySQL.
HT> We have a following problem:
HT> our application collects data into MySQL database during some period of time
HT> (say 1 hour) and then we need to analyze these data then move insert results
HT> of analysis into other table within same db and then clean first table.
HT> The problem is, what during analysis (it takes 30-40 secs) we have a lot of
HT> pending queries (due to lock on target table) and then all these pending
HT> queries start to execute the system load becomes to high.

HT> Can it be faster if we will switch to using InnoDB tables instead of MyISAM?

HT> How stable is InnoDB implementation in MySQL ?

HT> And more important, how fast is it ?

  Just an idea :

    1. say you record you data in table "data_table".
    2. ALTER rename data_table -> data_table_for_stats

    3. CREATE a new data_table

    4.  continue  to  record  data  in "data_table" and calculate your
    stats on "data_table_for_stats".

 2   and   3   will   take  less that 1 second with MyISAM (Mysql just
 have to rename some files + create new files).

 you  can  do what you want on "data_table_for_stats" without the risk
 to lock other processes which are using "data_table".

 After  you  calculated  your  stats,  you  can  move  all  data  from
 "data_table_for_stats"  into  a  table  "data_table_backup"  and drop

 Just an idea if this can help ...


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