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From:BAUMEISTER Alexandre Date:July 19 2001 7:52am
Subject:Bug in Mysql access rights ?
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  I  have  a  problem with Mysql-3.23.39 and users access rights. It's
  the  second  time I notice this problem since I installed .39 on two
  of my servers. But yesterday, the bug was even more flagrant.

  I had a user which had all rights on a database when connecting from
  localhost  and  from  a  local  network  say  10.0.0.%  .  This  way
  everything  worked  fine,  user  being  able to do inserts, updates,
  deletes, ... on all tables of the database.

  Then   I  wanted  to  grant rights to this user from a remote IP not
  in the local network. But, for security reason I wanted to give only
  SELECT  right  to  the  user from this remote IP. So I did something
  like :

  GRANT SELECT on database.* to user@'remoteIP' identified by 'password'

  Here starts the problems !

  Just  after  I  did  this  GRANT, I noticed that some of my programs
  which  are  using this user to log had no more the rights to update,
  delete or insert some tables :

Query: UPDATE livequote_PAR SET last=36.28,tot_volume=33208,tradedate=concat(CURDATE(), '
9:26:29') WHERE symbole='1rPEN'
Erreur : update command denied to user: 'user@localhost' for table 'livequote_PAR'

  While as you can see, these programs are running, and so connecting,
  from localhost ...

  And more strange, not all the programs were affected by the GRANT.

  I  did some more tests and then I found that when I use this user to
  connect  from  localhost,  sometimes it is allowed to update tables,
  sometimes  not.  It  depends on the connection. Once I connect and I
  will  not  be  allowed to update tables, then I reconnect and I will
  have rights to updates tables ... and so on.

  When  I  check "mysql" database and tables "user","db"... everything
  is  ok.  It's telling that the user from localhost and local network
  has  all  rights,  and  that the same user from a given remote IP is
  allowed only to SELECT.

  What's happening ?


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