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From:Ilya Obshadko Date:March 11 1999 6:47am
Subject:mysql compiled by egcs-1.1.1
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   Did anybody try to compile mysql with egcs or gcc-2.8.1 on FreeBSD
   3.1-RELEASE? The resulting produces a
   coredump while trying to connect to mysql database from DBI.
   Apache + mod_perl says another interesting thing:

   pid 20036 (httpd), uid 1003: exited on signal 10 (bus error)

   What does this mean? Do I have to compile all mysql-related things
   (i.e. DBI, DBD::mysql, perl5 etc.) with the same compiler?

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 Ilya                          mailto:ilya@stripped

mysql compiled by egcs-1.1.1Ilya Obshadko11 Mar
  • mysql compiled by egcs-1.1.1Jani Tolonen14 Mar