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From:Paul DuBois Date:July 16 2001 4:59pm
Subject:Re: .org
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At 9:34 AM +0100 7/16/01, Santi Chumbe wrote:
>Interesting position. The NuSphere’s people are really very clever.

If I'm reading your statement correctly, you appear to be using "clever"
as an innuendo for "mendacious." If that is so, I must respectfully
disagree, and point out that statements of that nature are not helpful
to the discussion.

>Interesante posicion. Sabiendo el respeto que tenemos por Paul, este 
>mensaje  juega a
>favor de NuSphere.
>Paul DuBois wrote:
>>  In the interests of stemming some of the flood of invective being
>>  directed against NuSphere...
>>  I am an employee of NuSphere.
>>  Those of you who feel it necessary immediately to jump up and denounce
>>  NuSphere for their sins, please ask yourself:  Do you think I'd work for
>>  them if I thought they were a bunch of scumbags?  They're not.  NuSphere
>>  is interested in promoting MySQL, not in destroying it.  For example,
>>  they pay me a salary to support my writing about MySQL full time, and
>>  they make no demands that I mention NuSphere in my books (though they're
>>  of course happy if I do).  You'll see some of the fruit of this support
>>  next month when the MySQL/Perl book comes out - a book that I hope will
>>  be of some service to the MySQL community.
>>  The dispute will be worked out by the parties involved.  Nobody's happy
>>  about it, but resolving it is difficult because both sides feel they
>>  have a reasonable position.  You can see this from the messages being
>>  posted by the directors of MySQL AB and NuSphere.  And of course once
>>  the lawyers get involved, things don't get any easier.
>>  Make your opinions known, certainly.  You're all part of the MySQL
>>  community and your views are valuable.  But please, leave the flames out
>>  of it. They're not constructive.
>>  Please be clear what I'm saying.  I am an employee of (not an apologist
>>  for) NuSphere, and I'm not saying "don't criticize NuSphere." I'm saying
>>  that flames aren't helping anything, particularly if you are not in
>>  possession of all the facts behind the dispute.
>>  No one at NuSphere has asked that I write this.  They've asked me for
>>  feedback, but no one has suggested that I take a "side".  I am reluctant
>>  to do so anyway because it's not clear that there's any merit in doing
>>  so, and I don't think I have all the facts, either.
>>  Paul DuBois
>>  Author, "MySQL" (the book, not the server!)
>>  --
>  > Paul DuBois, paul@stripped

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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