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From:Paul DuBois Date:July 16 2001 12:58am
Subject:Re: mysql command for "which tables supported?"
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At 4:51 PM -0700 7/15/01, Mike Wexler wrote:
>I must be missing something.
>Where does this tell me that this server supports "ISAM" and "MyISAM"
>tables but that server supports "InnoDB", "BDB", "Isam" and "MyISAM"

In that case, you want SHOW VARIABLES, which shows the table *types*
supported among the variable list.  But that was not the original
question.  Or at least that's not what it sounded like to me.

>Paul DuBois wrote:
>>  At 2:05 PM -0700 7/15/01, Ken Sommers wrote:
>>  >Hello,
>>  >  Is there a command to see which tables are supported by mysql from the
>>  >mysql>
>>  >prompt?
>>  >when I am telneted into my remote server?
>>  Yes, it's in the MySQL Reference Manual under "SHOW TABLES". :-)
>>  >
>>  >Ken
>>  --
>  > Paul DuBois, paul@stripped

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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