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From:Douglas Brantz Date:July 15 2001 1:00pm
Subject:Simple Array Question
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Simple question:
Using multiple checkboxes and assigning the value from mysql field with.

a loop showing all the data I need.  I am created a form to delete
selected users from database. So I loop through all the ids and this is
the checkbox line. not exactly but close.
print "<input type=\"checkbox\" name=\"idnum\" value=\"$id\">"; in perl

Now I need to grab all the idnums and make an array in my action
perl-cgi script
my @idnums = param("idnum");
my blah = $query->param("blah");

My question is how do I make the simpliest loop to delete each idnum
from the database.
the way I have it now it only deletes the first selection.

delete from database name where id = $theid
 # does other things sends email to user

There must be a better way?  can I find the length of the array with
$theid = 0;
if ($theid < $length) {
delete from database name where id = $idnums($theid)
#send email to user and other stuff
$theid = $theid +1

Simple Array QuestionDouglas Brantz15 Jul