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From:Paul DuBois Date:July 14 2001 11:19pm
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In the interests of stemming some of the flood of invective being
directed against NuSphere...

I am an employee of NuSphere.

Those of you who feel it necessary immediately to jump up and denounce
NuSphere for their sins, please ask yourself:  Do you think I'd work for
them if I thought they were a bunch of scumbags?  They're not.  NuSphere
is interested in promoting MySQL, not in destroying it.  For example,
they pay me a salary to support my writing about MySQL full time, and
they make no demands that I mention NuSphere in my books (though they're
of course happy if I do).  You'll see some of the fruit of this support
next month when the MySQL/Perl book comes out - a book that I hope will
be of some service to the MySQL community.

The dispute will be worked out by the parties involved.  Nobody's happy
about it, but resolving it is difficult because both sides feel they
have a reasonable position.  You can see this from the messages being
posted by the directors of MySQL AB and NuSphere.  And of course once
the lawyers get involved, things don't get any easier.

Make your opinions known, certainly.  You're all part of the MySQL
community and your views are valuable.  But please, leave the flames out
of it. They're not constructive.

Please be clear what I'm saying.  I am an employee of (not an apologist
for) NuSphere, and I'm not saying "don't criticize NuSphere." I'm saying
that flames aren't helping anything, particularly if you are not in
possession of all the facts behind the dispute.

No one at NuSphere has asked that I write this.  They've asked me for
feedback, but no one has suggested that I take a "side".  I am reluctant
to do so anyway because it's not clear that there's any merit in doing
so, and I don't think I have all the facts, either.

Paul DuBois
Author, "MySQL" (the book, not the server!)

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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