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From:BAUMEISTER Alexandre Date:July 14 2001 1:45pm
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MW> What NuSphere seems to be trying to do is to get people to approve
MW> of  their fork, get more people to work on it, and cause confusion
MW> among  MySQL  users as to where the origin of the MySQL(tm) source
MW> and  documentation  is. What NuSphere has done indicates that they
MW> want  to  be  regarded  as being in the center of MySQL(tm) server
MW> development  and  use  this as a leverage to push their commercial
MW> products  that are not open source. The truth is that NuSphere has
MW> nothing to do with the development of the MySQL(tm) server.

  It's  years now that I use Mysql, post/read the mailing list, try to
  help you solving bugs, testing new features (like InnoDB currently).

  Why ? Because I really like Mysql, GPL licence and the way you work !

  What NuLsphere is doing is really disgusting and I really understand
  how  much  you  are  upset,  considering the hard work you did, that
  someone else could try to take advantage of your work that way.

  I'm sure that we are really numerous to understand what NuLsphere is
  doing and to be behind you in this 'fight' against vermin.

  May the force be with you :)


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