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From:Chris Trown Date:March 22 1999 7:58pm
Subject:Re: mySQL on HP-UX 10.20
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On Mon, Mar 22, 1999 at 11:42:11AM -0800, Gary Grubb scribbled:
> To all:
> I have had no luck compiling source on HP-UX 10.20. I do not have latest
> version of gcc because I cannot get it to compile either. I do have cc,
> CC & aCC available.
> Things I have tried unsuccessfully:
> CC=cc CXX=cc ./configure
> CC=CC CXX=CC ./configure
> The error I receive in both cases is:
> checking size of off_t... (cached) 0
> configure: error: MySQL needs a off_t type.
> Configure also does not like CFLAGS=-Aa
> Any suggestions?
> Gary Grubb
> ggrubb@stripped

     I have had LOTS of fun trying to get this to compile.  First you need to 
pass cc the "-Ae" switch for longlong support.  CFLAGS="-Ae".

     CC then blows up trying to compile with:

CC: "./../include/global.h", line 513: warning: "bool" is a future reserved word (215)
CC: "sql_string.h", line 30: warning: size not used (117)
CC: "sql_string.h", line 141: sorry, not implemented: cannot expand inline function bool
String::append(char ) with statement after "return" (2070)

     Rewriting the offending code with help from users on the list, I got past
that one.  cc has problems with mit-pthreads.  Won't compile it.  At that point
I gave up, deciding instead to wait for the HP applications CD so I could 
upgrade cc, CC and aCC.  The CD should be here any day now.

     Make sure you get the latest version of MySQL.  I found a small problem in
the configure scripts regarding Shared Libs.

     It's all in the email archives.


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