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From:Gerald Clark Date:July 11 2001 1:56pm
Subject:Re: Solaris
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I agree that answer was rude, and uncalledfor, but you won't inspire 
others to help by being rude in return.

The RPM files age generated by people using Linux.
If Solaris has a packaging routine, and someone compiles if for your
version of Solaris, it will probably be found on

If you can't find one, look for a binary tarball for your 

Mike Jimenez wrote:

> I understand completely and Mysql is not a database, Its a database server
> that I already have multiple servers running. I asked this question because
> I was curious to know if a package for Solaris exist like one Does for
> Linux.
> If you are just going to be sarcastic to people who ask questions on the
> list like they are suppose to then maybe you should un-subscribe.
> Mike
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> On Tue, Jul 10, 2001 at 08:22:53AM -0700, Mike Jimenez wrote:
>> Like you have a RPM install for Linux is there something similar that I
> can
>> use with Solaris to make the install simple with Mysql?
>> Thanks
>> Mike
> mysql is a database, not an end user desktop software. If you can
> not compile and install it, you will not be able to use it.
> there are many consultants who can do that for you in a couple of
> hours, and if you do not have the skills to install mysql you will
> need a consultant when/if you have to recover mysql from a hardware
> crash anyway.
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Gerald L. Clark

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