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From:Gerald Clark Date:July 11 2001 1:33pm
Subject:Re: MySQL for holding User opinions
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You would be better off having one table that contains
userid, productid, catagory, comment.

Then if you add a catagory you don't have to add a table.
You can select based on any combination of the above fields.

MeTeX wrote:

> Hi right now I am just developeing a complex listing for 500+ 
> applications over 20 tables per catigory, that is going to be hosted on 
> my site. besides having the normal info such as: size, file name, datep 
> ublished, staff comments, program rateing I wanted to include user 
> opinions of it too.
> My first quick thought was to continue adding fields in the table for 
> the user opinion but then I realized what a massivly bad thing to 
> search through 5-10 fields of about 50-300 charecters for all of the 
> 500+ programs ouch.
> Then it occured to me just to make 20 new sepret table just for 
> comments for all 20 catigorys. then when the user posted a comment, it 
> would just be put into the comment table listed by the unique id given 
> each application so all I would have to search for is the id and get 
> all the comments.
> I was just woundering if there was a better way to do it then the 
> thought I have above?   
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Gerald L. Clark

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