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From:Derick H Siddoway Date:March 22 1999 7:46pm
Subject:Some speed test fun
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I'm running on a dual-pentium75 with 160MB of memory.  (That's about 
for you propeller-heads.)  I'm hosting mysql on an UW SCSI disk on a BusLogic

I'm doing some testing for a friend of mine, who wants to see if he should
abandon some AS/400&db2 development in favor of mysql.

Anyway, the database is very simple, only an indexed sequence number and
a random number (0-1000).  I wrote some C to generate this and had it generate
over 62 million records.  (I was aiming for 100 million, but I got impatient 
it took over 2 days to generate these records.)

But a simple SELECT * FROM test WHERE test_value < 100 only takes 11+ minutes.

He's impressed.

I'm working on generating a second table so we can do some joins.  I'll let 
know when I get some results back on that.

Some speed test funDerick H Siddoway22 Mar