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From:Brett Error Date:March 11 1999 10:36pm
Subject:RE: How large a database can mySQL handle?
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No one will be able to answer your question effectively because none of us
know anything about your hardware and the design of your software and

But I can reassure you that MySQL is extremely fast.  I have databases that
handle many millions of queries per day on databases several gigabytes in
size.  With careful design and the right hardware, you can really make MySQL

If you are worried about potential load problems, I highly recommend that
you build your program such that you can load balance users across multiple
machines in some way if needed.  Unfortunately I can't give you any
suggestions for doing so because again, I don't know much about your

Brett Error
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> From: Jeff Schwartz [mailto:Jeff@stripped]
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> Subject: How large a database can mySQL handle?
> We've have a mySQL/PHP calendar application with a relatively small
> number of users. But that number is expected to grow to 1MM in the near
> future.
> Can mySQL handle traffic at that level?
> Is there anybody out there using it on that scale?
> Thanks,
> Jeff
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