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From:Ed Peddycoart Date:July 6 2001 5:25pm
Subject:front end/client for mysql
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I am looking for a Win32 front end/client for mysql.  I want to be able to
run it on my local machine, but modify a remote mysql db.  I would like it
to be as user friendly as possible, with the user having to know as little
sql as possible.  Any suggestions?

Or maybe a web client that I can run from my website...I believe my webhost
is running Linux.  Any suggestions there?  I have been using phpMyAdmin
2.0.1, but it doesn't allow me (or I can figure out how to) edit a record's
data without using a query, which requires a knowledge of sql syntax.  I can
edit the structure, but just not the data (again without the use of sql
queries...)  Maybe I am wrong about that though....


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