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From:Vivek Khera Date:July 20 1999 3:08pm
Subject:Re: SV: Legal Issue / Licensing
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>>>>> "ME" == Martin Edelius <martin.edelius@stripped> writes:

ME> If I design a site that I make no money off whatsoever and it runs on a
ME> MySQL database, do I have to buy a MySQL license?

We fell in exactly this same murky area.  I asked Monty and he said
technically, no we don't need to pay.

But given that without MySQL there would be NO WAY we could support
the number of users we do, I bought an extended support license anyway 
(at $1000/year.)

As for the rest of your scenarios, only TcX (Monty) can answer those,
as they are the ones granting you the license.

Personally, I think if you make money off of the use of MySQL, you
should at least buy a basic license, if not a higher support license.
It is the "right thing to do" (tm).

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