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From:Paul DuBois Date:July 20 1999 11:54am
Subject:Re: SV: Legal Issue / Licensing
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At 6:43 AM -0500 7/20/99, Martin Edelius wrote:
>>Now, I want to make my source code of the Game available to the public
>with a nice GNU liscence in there somewhere probably.
>>In such a way as not to put your database under the GNU liscence, which
>isn't mine to put under the GNU liscence to begin with.
>>Is that possible without compromising your database liscence (which I
>understand is NOT the GNU liscence?)?
>I have no answer to the above question but while we're on the subject
>I'd like to see a clarification on what's said in the manual when it
>comes to licensing. That the w32 version has to be bougth is pretty
>clear (by now 8) but when it comes to the use of MySQL on the web (with
>Linux) things becomes a bit messy (imho).

My answers are not authoritative, but here's my interpretation.

>If I design a site that I make no money off whatsoever and it runs on a
>MySQL database, do I have to buy a MySQL license?

No money involved, you don't need to license the server.

>If that is hosted by a company who makes money off ad banners on my site
>runs on a MySQL database, do I/they have to buy a MySQl license?

I'm not sure what this sentence says.  Can you clarify?  There seems
to be a word missing or something.

>If I have to buy a MySQL license for the web, in a situation as
>described above, what type of license do I need?

If you need a license, you license the server, on a per-host basis.

>If I design an intranet based on MySQL for a company and charges for
>that application, do I or they need to buy a MySQL license? One per

You license the server, on a per-host basis: one license
per host running the server.

>If I don't charge any money for the intranet, do I/they still have to
>buy a license?

No money involved.  You're not selling MySQL, you're not selling
a service that requires it.

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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