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From:Martin Edelius Date:July 20 1999 11:43am
Subject:SV: Legal Issue / Licensing
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>Now, I want to make my source code of the Game available to the public
with a nice GNU liscence in there somewhere probably.
>In such a way as not to put your database under the GNU liscence, which
isn't mine to put under the GNU liscence to begin with.
>Is that possible without compromising your database liscence (which I
understand is NOT the GNU liscence?)?

I have no answer to the above question but while we're on the subject
I'd like to see a clarification on what's said in the manual when it
comes to licensing. That the w32 version has to be bougth is pretty
clear (by now 8) but when it comes to the use of MySQL on the web (with
Linux) things becomes a bit messy (imho).

If I design a site that I make no money off whatsoever and it runs on a
MySQL database, do I have to buy a MySQL license?
If that is hosted by a company who makes money off ad banners on my site
runs on a MySQL database, do I/they have to buy a MySQl license?
If I have to buy a MySQL license for the web, in a situation as
described above, what type of license do I need?
If I design an intranet based on MySQL for a company and charges for
that application, do I or they need to buy a MySQL license? One per
If I don't charge any money for the intranet, do I/they still have to
buy a license?

If anyone can clarify this it'd be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,
Martin Edelius

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