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From:Paul Linehan Date:July 2 2001 1:59pm
Subject:RE: How to start mysql with innoDB.
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> > We want to use the Windows GUI tool to connect to a database on
> > a Linux box.

> You have to grant privileges to user@ip_address and enter ip_address
> in host table. Or grant privilege to user@"%".

I entered these records by hand from the

> ./mysql -u root -p mysql   command line tool.

if I do select host, db from host, I get

xx.yy.zz.aa bugs (all others are 'Y')           (we are trying to set up

and select host, user, password from user, I get

xx.yy.zz.aa root new_password            (the other passwords appear to be
							but the one I
entered isn't).

Is it wrong to hand edit these tables? root with the password "new_password"
is a valid logon for this db.

> This is all explained in our fine manual.

Do you have a section number for this?

Thanks for having taken the trouble to reply.



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