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From:Dan Nelson Date:June 30 2001 7:50pm
Subject:Re: Access to Other Databases Thru MySQL
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In the last episode (Jul 01), Manuel Mesquita said:
> To make links, like MSACCESS to other Types of Databases in
> Linux/Windows, using Java, thru MySQL? Our need is to access to
> MSACCESS, ORACLE and SQL Databases in java, having the links to those
> other Databases defined in MySQL, and not by importing the data in
> those databases to a table in MySQL. In MSACCESS/WINDOWS we can do
> that using ODBC. In MySQL how can we do it?

MS Access is a front-end as well as a database.  Think of MySQL as more
like MSSQL Server or Oracle -- just the database component.  You don't
use SQL server to build an interface; you do that in Access and link
tables to MSSQL.  Same thing with MySQL.  You build the interface in MS
Access, Delphi, VB, C, Perl, whatever.

	Dan Nelson
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