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From:Gerald Clark Date:June 29 2001 1:26pm
Subject:Re: mysterious loss of disk space
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If you run a query with a ( possibly malformed ) join that produces a 
very large output table, you may run out of disk space.  At this point 
that thread will sleep until space becomes available.

Next time you run out of space, check your /tmp ( or whatever you may 
have set the MySQL temp directory to ) and see if it is filled with 
large strangely named files.

You may just need a bigger disk.

Curtis Hogg wrote:

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> I've searched through the archives, and while some things were slightly
> similar, I couldn't find anything that matched well.
> I'm using the Linux Debian packages for MySQL 3.23.39.
> The problem I'm having is this: While the program i'm developing is
> running, I am mysteriously losing space. I've limited it to MySQL because
> the only writes to anything that my program makes, other to stderr,
> involves MySQL calls. Most of the calls are SELECT statements though. At
> any rate, while the program is running, except for new table adds, I'm
> losing 32K every 30 seconds or so.
> I didn't notice this in the beginning because i had over 600mb of space
> remaining on the drive MySQL's writing to, but when my drive filled up for
> the first time and I was only able to free up 90mb of space, my drive kept
> filling back up every day of use.
> The oddest thing was when I was forced to reboot by a totally seperate
> issue. When my system got back up, and I checked my free space, all the
> space was back.
> While trying to figure out where the space was going, I attempted doing a
> 'du > file1' before run, and a 'du > file2' afterwards, and diffing the
> two of them. There were no changes at all.
> Can anybody help me with this problem or direct me to where I can receive
> help for this (or point out where the blindingly obvious mistake i'm
> making is)?
> Thanks.
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Gerald L. Clark

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