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From:Van Date:July 20 1999 12:01am
Subject:Re: authentication
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Louis van Dompselaar wrote:
> >  I have this as my .htacces file and I specifed Auth-MySQL_Info and
> > Auth_MySQL_General_DB in the in the httpd.conf file, the prompt comes up
> > and asks me for my password and username but says authentication failed,
> > does anyone know what I may be doing wrong??????????
> The default for auth_mysql is to require UNIX DES encrypted passwords
> in your DB.  You might not have that.
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Try this in httpd.conf
Auth_MySQL_General_DB http_auth
This in .htaccess
AuthName "Name You Want To See in Pop-Up Login Thingy"
Auth_MySQL_Encryption_Types MySQL Plaintext
Auth_MySQL_DB http_auth
AuthType Basic
<Limit GET POST>
        require group SomeGroupName

That should do the trick.
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