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From:Gerald Clark Date:June 28 2001 1:42pm
Subject:Re: Problems upgrading APACHE/PHP/Mysql on remote server
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I don't really think you want a whole class on system design and 
software testing here.

If the problem is not with your PHP scripts, and your ISP appears
to be incompetent, get a different one.

M wrote:

> Complete msg subject is "what can developer do when server provider
> upgrades any of Apache/PHP/Mysql softwares to newer version and this
> causes crash on already working transactions?"
> I am posting this also into MySql discussion list.
> I develop scripts for virtual stores, having probable market for my
> programs but.... there are some questions I am really concerned, and one
> of these questions is the subject of this message.
> I develop my scripts locally in Win98 environment (Apache / PHP / MySql
> installed) where check and debug my code, then when/if all is working
> ok, transfer scripts vis ftp to Linux rented remote server.
> I use another two remote servers (these are Linux free services) to
> check my scripts, ftping also scripts there to check if these are
> working ok before sendind to rented server.
> It happened to me that some transactions began to crash on remote rented
> server. Every time I ran a single PHP script to update database,
> appeared '1054 Out of Sync' MySql error, and after some minutes,
> appeared fatal 'Too many transactions...' error, then system halted and
> after 30 minutes it became alive again.
> These errors never happened into my local environment or free services I
> use to check scripts, so I wrote remote server asking what was
> happening. They answered for me 'oh no! now we are discovering, you were
> killing our server with your transactions all these days, we have lost
> some customeers because this, please dont run your scripts here to not
> be obligued cut Mysql services for you'.
> I passed all my sources to provider for they analyze what could be wrong
> with my code, but they found any abnormal or wrong code into. The fact
> is, every time one of my scripts executed, it spawned zillions of child
> tasks into apache server, these tasks opened by MySql. Nobody was able
> to discover where the problem was, because this script was  equal
> (taking apart database fields) to other scripts which ran with no
> problem
> I ran PHPINFO on all environments I use and passed this info to server,
> they analyzed and said probably any combination of apache/php/mysql
> versions and/or/plus modules into their server was causing this problem,
> but since it was impossible to discover source of error, we agree I
> wouldnt run anymore my scripts on that server to not damage their
> services.
> Later, I rented another server provider and posted my scripts there.
> They are working with no problem til today.
> Now suppose I have lot of clients using my virtual store (and paying to
> me for this service), suddenly remote server upgrades apache or php or
> mysql (or install some new module into) and this causes crash into
> scripts. What can I do?
> I would like to hear from other people if this problems is (or else is
> not) a common one in Apache /PHP / Mysql environment. Also would like to
> know some suggestions: what to do when this happens?
> Thanks in advanced
> Miguel
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Gerald L. Clark

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