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From:Paul DuBois Date:June 27 2001 7:59pm
Subject:Re: multiple database issue on winNT4.0
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At 11:25 AM -0500 6/27/01, Pete Kuczynski wrote:
>Can I connect to multiple databases on a 4.0 NT box? I created a test
>database on the same box that has the pre-production ddb, and I can not
>connect to it using the same PHP scripts [I redirected the scripts to
>look to the new test ddb] and all I had is my PHP trap statment "Unable
>to connect ..."
>I suspect I cannot, but some insight into this would help.

You can, but you may have to GRANT privileges on the database to the
account that you're using to connect to the server.

If your "unable to connect" message comes from the mysql_connect()
or mysql_pconnect() call, though, that would be weird.  That doesn't
specify a database, so if it worked before, it should still work.
I'd expect the error to occur when you invoke mysql_select_db().

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