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From:Douglas Brantz Date:July 19 1999 8:58pm
Subject:Re: Password Encryption
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With this password encryption - what is the best way to have say
students login or clockin to a program -
Confusing allready :  I am looking for  a way for students to login as
monitors and I dont know who the monitors are so as of today I use an
htaccess file, but I don't like that method because you have to quit the
browser for it to ask for the password again.  Should I create a new
table that is called password and have a username and password as tables
and then have the clockin and clockout buttons point there first and
then if successful the clockin and clockout page will appear?  Or is
there a way for me to add a username and password table in the existing
timeclock table that will have the username and password already filled
for each user- For now I would like the username password to be the same
for everyone and each time someone logs in a new time card is started
with a unique formnumber.

Hope this had not been too confusing?



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