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From:Sinisa Milivojevic Date:June 27 2001 11:13am
Subject:Re: PLEASE READ: Porting Windows VC++ MySQL Proggie to Linux\Unix
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David Ayliffe writes:
> I appreciate that this might be a bit off topic but any help would be
> appreciated.
> I need to port this program (attached) to the Linux environment.  This
> is the first program I have attempted to port.  
> Has anyone ever had to port from Windows to Linux\Unix, and if so how
> did it go and what tools did you use.  I have downloaded cygwin for
> windows, is this going to be any use?
> The program itself simply uses the mysql++ API library to connect to the
> server, run a query and then exit.
> Parts of the program that might cause me problems are the headers I
> think, because what is Linux for:
> #include <iostream>
> #include <iomanip>
> #include "include\mysql++"
> Please I really just need a starting point; someone to say you need this
> tool you can download it at I am a complete newbie to
> porting (though not to mysql nor working with linux or windows
> programming)
> Hopefully when I become proficient with this program I can move on to
> bigger and greater projects.
> ***I would appreciate ANY input***
> Sorry once again if this is off topic!!
> Thanks lots
> David Ayliffe (mail@stripped)


On Unix use g++ 2.95.2 or 2.95.3. Build mysql++ 1.7.9 from the
sources, with ./configure make.

Then make a Makefile for your project based on the Makefile from
mysql++ examples.

Portability of MySQL++ will pose you no problems at all.

YOu can also download some MySQL 3.23 binaries for your flavour of
Unix, in order to have your program linked and running.

You will have problems with other components you used on Windows, but
not with MySQL nor with MySQL++.

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