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From:Sasha Pachev Date:July 19 1999 9:12pm
Subject:Re: pricing
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"Webber, William D." wrote:
> I am not a big fan of Microsoft products, but have to use them where I work
> as well. A lot of people simply don't realize that in corporate
> environments, many IT decisions are mandated. For example we have to use
> Internet Explorer version 4.0 here-- there is nothing we can do about it. On
> top of that, our firewall won't pass FTP traffic-- so downloading is not
> just against company policy, it's logistically not possible.

Hey, if you just have one open port, incoming or outgoing - someone can
help you out - all you need is someone with his own server and desire to
cooperate - let me know if you need to download something - we can
syphon it it :-)

On a serious note, there is a good way to make IT managers wisen up -
find a better job without those stupid policies (I bet you can find one
that would even pay quite a bit better), and then when giving
notice.make sure to mention that their download policy was something
that made you really think of looking for another job - you will
accomplish a couple of good things - better job for yourself, and a good
chance for your colleges to never have to deal with those restrictions,
and maybe even a pay raise for them if the management is smart.

>  Many people who aren't used to working at a large centrally controled
> company aren't aware of facts like that. That's one of the reasons I get a
> kick out of web sites that have a spash page that says "If you aren't using
> yadyada browser, go download it to look at our site."
> Cheers, Will

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