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From:Philip Thomas Date:July 19 1999 4:59pm
Subject:A document search engine
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	I am just wondering if anyone could offer me any help on how I can build a
document based searching engine ? Specifically I want to build a search
engine that will query a database based on this table structure :

DocumentTitle VARCHAR (255),
DocumentKeyWord LONGTEXT,
DocumentBriefDescription LONGTEXT,
DocumentIntroduction LONGTEXT, ( I am not so sure about this one )
DocumentURL varchar (255),

The document ID is self explanatory.
The document title column is less then 200 characters.
The keywords column; for every document there are approx 20 keywords, that
I want to be able to search.
All document text that is a LONGTEXT column contains less then 600
The document URL column will simply contain the path to the document or
maybe a query to fetch a web page from the database.

With that out of the way here are a few questions :

I would like to keep everything in a database if I could, however that
maybe too much to ask for, would I be better off downloading a popular
search engine and start there ? Any suggestions ?

If I managed to place it into the database, does anyhow know of a
methodology of how I can construct a query scoring system, any pointers
would be helpful ?

Thanks for any help anyone can offer


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