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From:Paul DuBois Date:June 20 2001 3:03pm
Subject:Re: AUTO_INCREMENT question...
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>I am currently using MySQL to warehouse real-time data, and I have a couple
>of questions regarding AUTO_INCREMENT columns.
>OS: Linux/Solaris
>MySQL version: 3.23.33
>Table Types: MYISAM
>1) The data is only stored for 24hrs.  If I do continuous deletes from the
>tables, will the AUTO_INCREMENT columns reuse the deleted numbers?

MyISAM tables: no
ISAM tables: yes, if you delete records at the top of the series

>2) I was wondering if the AUTO_INCREMENT columns wrapped back to 0 once they
>run out of numbers on the top end?

An error occurs.

>3) If neither of these cases are true, is there a way to simulate number 2?

No.  Use a BIGINT UNSIGNED to get the largest possible range of numbers.

>Brad Teale
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