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From:Sasha Pachev Date:June 19 2001 11:44pm
Subject:Testing MySQL 4.0
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Hello, MySQL users/hackers:

As some of you know, we are currently actively working on MySQL 4.0, and are 
making some progress. Those who are subscribed to the internals lists get 
notified of all of our commits and can monitor the progress.

If you would like to do a pull from our repository and play with it, follow 
the instructions at 
. After you've pulled, run BUILD/compile-pentium (for a lean fast binary) or 
BUILD/compile-pentium-debug - it will build a binary for you.

If you have a spare development system, plug in 4.0 binary and try to run 
your applications on it to see if it will crash. If it does, although 4.0 is  
pre-alpha, it is a concern to us - our rule is not to have anything in the 
central repository that we know crashed - each developers has to run make 
test before he can push the change, and it has to pass, maybe with the 
exception of when one developer commits a test case for a bug for some other 
developer to fix it. 

So if you can get our tree to crash ( again, we recommend you do not try it 
on a production system yet :-) ), please report it. The sooner you report it, 
the sooner we fix it, and the sooner we get 4.0 into production quality 

Some cool things already coded in the current 4.0 tree:


 * LOAD DATA FROM MASTER "auto-magically" sets up a slave ( master tables 
will be locked in the current code, but this will be fixed in the future once 
we get hot backup to work)
 * master is aware of slaves if they register
 * client has built-in master/slave awareness that get turned on with special 
client options or through new API calls


 * count(distinct) is about 30% faster 
 * records can be read on raw MyISAM level with HANDLER command
 * multi-delete works, but there is a bug we are aware of that we have not 
fixed yet


 * All I know  is that it works much better - Sergei could fill in the details

The above list is not comlete - I just typed it from memory.

Of course, the new API, SQL syntax, log formats, etc is subject to change 
since we are still pre-alpha, so do not build applications that depend on it 
until we have officially blessed them. 

Also, now is the best time to throw in suggestions, feature requests, etc. 
Once we've stablized the branch, it would be a lot harder to get us to change 

So, in short, have fun...

MySQL Development Team
For technical support contracts, visit
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