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From:Gerald Clark Date:June 19 2001 7:39pm
Subject:Re: IFNULL issues??
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Also, I notice you have a full cartesian product here.
Aren't you joining these two tables on something?

Bryan Coon wrote:

> I would try:
>     select distinct s.some_pk, IFNULL(s.some_pk, 999) as myid
>     from data_table s, other_data_table
>     where s.some_pk=232 order by myid;
> Although I don't get the purpose of the IFNULL or the order by if you're
> selecting only a single value of s.some_pk.
> --jfarr
> The single value is just used to illustrate the structure of the query.
> I had originally tried using IFNULL as you suggested, but it sorts the table
> differently than if it is used in the order by.  For example, if I have NULL
> values (as a result of a left outer join), they will always appear at the
> beginning of my table.  Using desc is not an option here.  Using IFNULL as
> you suggest replaces the NULL values properly, but they still stay at the
> beginning of the table.  Looks wierd when your table is ordered as: 999,
> 999, 999, 1, 2, 3, 4.  :)  Using IFNULL in the order by fixes this.
> Bryan 
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Gerald L. Clark

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