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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 19 2001 11:56am
Subject:RE: MySQL 3.23.39 released
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>>>>> "Steven" == Steven Roussey <sroussey@stripped> writes:

Steven> Now I have a question: Does this also apply to automatic
>> repair inside
Steven> mysqld? I'd finally use the feature if its true...
>> If you just run CHECK TABLE, it will repair the open count (it should
>> always have done that).
>> myisamchk --fast --force is equal to:
>> run CHECK TABLE on all tables
>> Run REPAIR TABLE on tables which was not marked as ok.

Steven> I was refering to --myisam-recover=FORCE

Steven> As I remember, it would repair tables that had a open count > 0 (at least
Steven> back when I first tried using it).

I checked this and at least now it only repairs the table if a check
table finds something wrong.

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