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From:BAUMEISTER Alexandre Date:July 19 1999 11:17am
Subject:Re[3]: mysql_ping() problem
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>>PD> It wasn't clear to me from the original posting (or I've forgotten),
>>PD> but:
>>PD> - Are you changing the gateway after you've already established the MySQL
>>PD>   connection?
>>  Yes.

PD> Isn't that kind of an odd thing to do?

  We  have  two  dedicated  lines,  and  we  are switching the default
  gateway   if   one   of   the  line  gets  down in order to keep the
  service on.

>>PD> - Under the circumstances you describe, does the UNIX ping command work?
>>  Yes.

PD> Does it work if you run it in continuous mode, i.e., to keep sending packets
PD> until you kill it?


>>  But  mysql_ping()  hangs  and  returns  only  if  I  get back to the
>>  previous  gateway  (the  one  which was used when the connection was
>>  established).

PD> If you terminate the program and start it up again, does the new instance
PD> connect to the server properly?

  Yes, without any problem.


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