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From:Paul DuBois Date:June 16 2001 2:28am
Subject:Re: 2 programs - 1 database
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At 11:55 PM -0500 6/15/01, Rory O'Connor wrote:
>I am using a PHP script and a separate perl script, and they are
>operating on the same MySQL database.  I am fairly new to MySQL (and
>programming in general), and I'm wondering if this could cause any
>problems - especially during peak traffic times.  Are there measures I
>should be taking to minimize the risk of data loss or lockup (other than
>the obvious backups)?

The server can service multiple simultaneous client connections, but it
serializes the execution of queries arriving from those clients so that
no two queries execute at the same time.

>I used to work with a perl script of a flatfile database and it would
>start doing *very* strange things during peak traffic times.

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
2 programs - 1 databaseRory O'Connor16 Jun
Re: 2 programs - 1 databasePaul DuBois16 Jun