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From:Gerald Clark Date:June 15 2001 4:33pm
Subject:Re: order by rand() question
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You asked this earlier this week.
The answer has not changed.

Matt Heaton wrote:

> Hi all, trying to do something and have it be as efficient as possilble.  My 
> question is if I have a table with say 10,000 rows in it, and I issue
> a command like this
> select * from table where number=1 order by rand() limit 1;
> If 1000 rows would match this command does mysql first find all 1000 rows
> and THEN randomly select 1 of those to return, OR does it just randomly
> start somewhere and then stop when it finds one?  The first method would
> be really slow and inefficient, but I am afraid that is how it works?  Is 
> there anyone out there that knows FOR SURE how the order by rand() operation 
> works?  I can't find a specification out there for it.
> Thanks,
> Matt Heaton
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Gerald L. Clark

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